Guide Automation & DeviceFarm HU Part 3

Part 3: Remote Control device with Device Farm Device Farm: Is the Web portal that helps users to remote control a large number of devices of many types & models. Log in to Device Farm:  I.      Set up Executable files for the project After users log in, in the Device List screen, users can […]

Guide Automation & DeviceFarm HU Part 2

Part 2: Execute Script with Tester 4.0 Tester 4.0: Acts as a Runner or Scheduler to execute the test scripts on many devices. I.            Execute a Script and check the test result 1.    Run Now Step 1: Click on the button [Run Test Script Now] -> The popup Run Test Script will be displayed Step […]

Guide Automation & DeviceFarm HU Part 1

Part 1: Create a Test script with Studio Studio: Helps to generate test scripts automatically based on users’ interactions with the devices. I.               Add a new project (Tester 4.0) Login to: When the Dashboard is shown, click on “Add Project” Pick a name and set a type for the new project Click on the [Create […]