Test Management Part 9

Part 9: Report Report screen: Statistics help users understand the test results corresponding to each function in the Subproject and passing results percentage in the last 3 days.  I.     How to view the Report screen? To view the Report screen, please follow these steps: Step 1:  Click on [Report] from the left menu Step 2:  From […]

Test Management Part 2

Part 2: Setting  I. General Info The General info screen shows the project information that admin has created. PM can change the following project’s information: Project Manager, Planned Start, Planned End and Description. Bug Management Integration: User can set the Bug Management to Jira tool or none. If user decides to use the Jira tool, user […]

Test Management Part 1

The Test Management User Guide helps you get started with Test Management and explains various common test case management tasks for new users. Part 1: Introduction Test Management is a complete web-based test case management which can manage, track, and organize your software testing efforts. Login to : https://tm.atomp.io/ I. How to Add/join your project […]