Test Management Part 9.1

Part 9: Report Report screen: Statistics help users understand the test results corresponding to each function in the Subproject and passing results percentage in the last 3 days.  I.     How to view the Report screen? To view the Report screen, please follow these steps: Step 1:  Click on [Report] from the left menu Step 2:  From […]

Test Management Part 5.3.3

Part 5: Plans III. How to Execute Test? 3. Run Test When the Test Leader finishes assigning test cases for testers, Testers go to Test Result screen and filter assigned test cases, execute test cases and fill test result. Steps fill test result as below: Step 1: Tester clicks on the Quick Test/Re-test button under column “Action” […]

Test Management Part 5.3.2

Part 5: Plans III. How to Execute Test? 2. Assign test case for tester Before assigning test cases, PM needs to add Tester/ Test Leader and devices for the test. You can add Tester by referring to Setting “Members & Role” Add Members Roles. You can add Device by referring to Setting “Environment” Add Test Device. There are 2 […]