Test case 05: Example command Select

[Precondition] Open website: https://demoqa.com/select-menu Screen Select Menu is displayed. [Steps] 1. Click Select Option (under item Select Value). 2. Select “Group 1, option 2”. 3. Click Select Title  ( under item Select One ). 4. Select “Mrs”. 5. Click red ( under item Old Style Select Menu ). 6. Select Indigo. 7. Click Indigo ( […]

Test case 04: Check Box

[Precondition] Open website: https://demo.anhtester.com/basic-checkbox-demo.html. [Steps] 1. Click on checkbox “Click on this checkbox”. 2. Click on checkbox “option 1” 3. Make ticks in the checkbox option 2. 4. Make ticks in the checkbox option 3. 5. Make ticks in the checkbox option 4. 6. Click on checkbox “option 1”. [Expected] 1. Checkbox is checked and […]

Test case 03: Radio Button

[Precondition] Open website: https://demoqa.com/radio-button . [Steps] 1- Click item “Yes”. 2- Click item “Impressive”. [Expected] 1- Item “No” is disabled. Item “Yes” is checked. Text “You have selected Yes” is displayed. 2- Item “Impressive” is checked and item “Yes” is not checked. Text “You have selected No” is displayed. Create Test precondition Open website: https://demoqa.com/radio-button. Click button […]

Test case 02: If else end – command

[Precondition] Open website: https://profile.w3schools.com/log-in?redirect_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmy-learning.w3schools.com [Steps] Use the command to login to the website. Enter email and password Click Login.  [Expected] 3. Login to the website successfully. 3. Manipulate actions on web pages. Create Test precondition Open website: https://profile.w3schools.com/log-in?redirect_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmy-learning.w3schools.com Click “Record script”  button  to start making “record” at the website. Enter the website link in the […]

Test case 01: While end – Command

[Precondition] Open website: https://www.calculator.net/ [Steps] 1. Perform click “+”, “1”, “=”. 2. Repeat step 1 four times.  [Expected] 2. Output = 5 -> End of loop. Create Test precondition Open website: https://www.calculator.net/ Click button “Record script”    to start making “record” at the website. Enter the website link in the text box “Base URL” and Click […]

IF command

[Precondition] Login successfully into  https://my-learning.w3schools.com/ Home screen is displayed. [Steps] Click button [Explore all] in In Progress section. Click  Learn HTML. [Expectation] 2. Check text “HTML is the standard markup language for web pages. Use it to structure the content on your own website.” Create Test precondition Login to http://Tester4.0.atomp.io/ -> Select project -> Click […]

Normal click

[Precondition] Open website https://www.w3schools.com/ Home screen is displayed. [Steps] Click to item “Learn HTML”. Click to item “Next”.  [Expected] 2. Header “HTML Introduction” is displayed correct. Create Test precondition Open website https://www.w3schools.com/. Login to https://tester40.atomp.io/ -> Select Project -> Click Manage Test Script -> Click Create with ATOMP Studio. With Android device On “Select Device” […]

IF command

[Precondition] Open Migii Toeic. Log in application Migii Toeic successfully. [Steps] Open  Exam screen. Click [Start] button in [Test 1] section. [Expected] Verify [Test 1] text. Screen is displayed as design. Create Test precondition ➢ Install Migii Toeic application on device. Install app via Device Farm http:/devicefarm.atomp.io/ by: With Android, go to the Play Store to […]