Studio & Tester 4.0 Part 2.2

B.  Create a test script with PC Web I. Create a Precondition Precondition can be created and used for multiple scripts with the same precondition. There are two ways to create a precondition: Create with ATOMP Studio and Import precondition. Option 1: Create with ATOMP Studio Step 1: Click on the [Manage Test Precondition] button. Step […]

Studio & Tester 4.0 Part 1

Part 1: Introduction ATOMP Tester 4.0: allows users to create test scripts and then execute the test automatically in multiple devices. ATOMP Studio: Helps to generate test scripts automatically based on users’ interactions with the devices. A. Start using ATOMP with Mobile app I. Basic Overview 1. Add a new project (Tester 4.0) 1. 1. Login to: […]