Part 3: Remote Control device with Device Farm

Device Farm: Is the Web portal that helps users to remote control a large number of devices of many types & models.

Log in to Device Farm:

 I.      Set up Executable files for the project

  • After users log in, in the Device List screen, users can see all the devices that are permitted to use.

Click on any device whose status is “Use” (which means that the device is available to use).

 II.      Interact with device

  1. Interact with device

Users can use computer mouse to click, swipe, tap and hold on the device screen to interact with device

2. Hard keys

In Hard Keys item, when user clicks on the hard keys on Device Farm, they also press the hard buttons on the real device. When user clicks on any hard key, the corresponding screen will be displayed.

3. Restart worker.

When the device is laggy, difficult to manipulate or cannot be manipulated, the user can click the Restart worker button to disconnect the device from the system and reconnect.

After restarting worker, Popup Device was disconnected will be displayed. User can click [Try to connect] button to reconnect or click [Go to Device List] button to select device.

 III.      Sound

Users can listen to the sound played from the device by clicking on the “Sound” icon.

 IV.      Capture Screenshot

  • Users can interact with the device via the Streaming screen and can also capture the screenshot of the device

Step 1: Select the tab [Screenshots]

Step 2: Move to the screen needed to capture the screenshot

Step 3: Click on the button [Screenshot]

 V.      Device information

  • Users can view the device information by selecting the “Info” item
  • Users can view the device’s files by selecting the “File Explorer” item
  • When the developers and testers want to collect the logs of the device they are using, they can go to “Logs”. And they can choose the type of logs they want to collect by selecting the “Logcat Level” item
  • Users can perform operations on the device such as opening the camera, turning the volume up or down and rebooting the device in the most convenient way by selecting the “Advanced” items.

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