The Test Management User Guide helps you get started with Test Management and explains various common test case management tasks for new users.

Part 1: Introduction

Test Management is a complete web-based test case management which can manage, track, and organize your software testing efforts. Login to :

I. How to Add/join your project on the Test Management tools:

Step 1 You must log in successfully into ATOM Test Management -> Your account will be saved in this system.

Step 2: If you are a Project Manager, Test Management’s tool Admin will add your project and assign you a Project Manager role.

If you have a different role, the Project Manager will add your account into the project (Refer to Add Members & Roles)

Step 3: User logs in to the tool -> display all your projects as below.

Step 4: User clicks on a project’s name which you want to work with => Overview of the selected project will be displayed.

II. How to switch between projects

When you want to switch between projects or view its own dashboard, you can click on the [ATOMP] icon  on the left toolbar.          

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