Part 1: Introduction

 I. How to add/join your project to the Test Management Tool

 II. How to switch between projects

Part 2: Setting

 I. General Info

 II. How to add members and roles

 III. How to add the environment

  1. Add Assignment field
  2. Add Test Result field

 IV. Customizations

Part 3: Create test document with Test Design

 I. How to create a Test Document for a project

  1. How to create a Test Viewpoint
  2. How to create a Function List
  3. How to create a Test Matrix
  4. How to create Test Cases

 II. How to baseline version for a Test Document

Part 4: Create test document without Test Design

 I. How to create Test Document for a project?

  1. How to create Test Suites?
  2. How to create title Testcases?
  3. How to create a Testcase?
  4. How to edit Testcases?

 II. How to baseline version for Test Document?

Part 5: Plans

 I. How to create a Plan

  1. Create a Plan
  2. Edit a Plan

 II. How to create Test Executions

  1. Create Test Executions
  2. Edit Test Executions

 III. How to execute Test

  1. Select Test Case
  2. Assign Test Case for Tester
  3. Run Test
  4. Insight

Part 6: Dashboard

Part 7: Bug Status

Part 8: To-Do Task

  I. How to view To-Do Task Screen

 II. Run Test (The same as run-test on Test Execution Screen of Plan)

Part 9: Report

 I. How to view the Report Screen

 II. Export Report

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